Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms

  • All prices are in U.S. dollars. Net 30 days for credit approved orders within U.S.
  • Prices are firm for 3 months from the date of order acceptance.  All hold-for-release orders not released for shipment within 3 months (from the date of order acceptance) will be subject to a price increase at Prima’s discretion.
  • All hold-for-release orders not released for shipment within 6 months (from the date of order acceptance) shall be cancelled and subject to a 25% ~ 100% cancellation fee plus any reasonable charges or expenses from commitments made by Prima Lighting.
  • No cancellations on custom-made or modified items once the order is confirmed.
  • Any order or portion of an order cancelled more than seven (7) days after Prima acceptance or within two (2) business days of Prima’s scheduled shipment date will be subject to a 25% ~ 100% cancellation charge.
  • A 2% interest per month will be added to all outstanding balance beyond approval terms.
  • $30.00 bounced check fee will apply for each overdraft transaction.
  • To eliminate confusion, verbal orders (or cancellations) are NOT accepted.


  • All shipments free on board (FOB), Santa Fe Springs, CA
  • Full freight allowed on orders shipped within the continental U.S., totaling $3,000.00 distributor net (DN) price or more, applicable only for ground shipments.
  • All returns are customer freight prepaid to the location designated on return authorization.
  • Orders that include items not currently in stock will ship as partial unless otherwise specified.
  • All claims for loss, damage, or shortage must be made within 2 weeks after delivery.


  • No return will be accepted for credit without prior approval by Prima Lighting in writing. To eliminate confusion, verbal return goods authorizations (RGAs) will not be accepted. To obtain a RGA number, please fax or email all requests with the original invoice attached.
  • All returns for credit are subject to inspection and must be in original factory package.
  • All returns will be subject to a minimum restocking fee of 25~50% charged at Prima’s discretion.
  • No returns or exchange will be accepted on custom-made, outdated, and/or modified items.
  • Credit will not be issued for materials purchased over 90 days prior to the request.
  • No refunds will be made against credits.
  • No returns will be accepted that are freight collect.
  • Products may be returned only after a RGA number has been issued to the customer. All products must be returned in sellable condition, indicating RGA# on the carton, within 30 days for proper credit issuing.

Minimum Charge Order

  • There is no minimum order; however, there is a $20.00 minimum handling charge on all orders less than DN $100.

Limited Replacement Guarantee

  • Prima Lighting warrants all products manufactured by Prima Lighting – with proper installation, maintenance, and under normal conditions of use – to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a specified period after the date of original purchase as follows: 3 years for LED related components, LED transformers, and drivers at regular DN price bought prior to 02/01/2015; 5 years for LED related components, LED transformers, and drivers at regular DN price bought after 02/01/2015; 1 year only for all promotional items; and 1 year only for all other products excluding lamps.
  • All Linear LED Strips and LED lamps including MR16, AR111, E26 Base, and G4 Module have 3 years warranty.
  • All products must be installed and/or used in accordance with applicable National or Local Electric Codes. Prima Lighting will not repair or replace products damaged by improper use or faulty installations. Failure due to use of incorrect lamp is not deemed to be defective.
  • Normal wear and tear on the fixture is not covered by this warranty. Exterior or mechanical damage that is not due to a warranty defect will not be corrected. No cosmetic repairs will be made unless specifically identified by Prima Lighting as a defect.
  • This warranty only applies when all components, including power supplies, have been provided by Prima Lighting. Substituting another manufacturer’s product will render the warranty completely void. Furthermore, this warranty does not apply to Prima Lighting product(s) which have been altered, repaired, or subjected to neglect, abuse, misuse, or accidents (including shipping damages).
  • In no event shall Prima Lighting’s obligation under this warranty extend beyond the initial cost of the products and accordingly any consequential damages or labor costs arising out of a defect are expressly excluded. No charge backs, charges for labor, or charges for materials will be honored without Prima Lighting’s prior written consent.
  • For all warranty claims, Prima Tech Support 866-885-4915 must be contacted first.  Failure to contact Prima Tech Support may void the warranty coverage.
  • Prima Tech Support will assist all customers with product troubleshooting and, if required, initiate the product replacement process.  Any replacement product(s) provided may be invoiced or require prepayment. When the product subject to the warranty claim is returned for evaluation, Prima will issue credit once the product is reviewed and evaluated as a covered warranty claim.
  • Prima strongly suggests providing measurements of the system’s voltage and temperature after initial installation to be returned back to Prima for warranty registration. Failure to provide such data may result in void of warranty.
  • Prima Lighting does not guarantee the availability of any item listed and reserves the right to discontinue or change the technical/design specifications of its products at any time without notice.
  • Prima Lighting will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product upon confirmation of a defect or failure. If products returned for warranty evaluation are found to not be covered under our warranty, Prima will NOT issue credit.  The customer may request that product be returned at customer’s expense. Repaired and/or replaced units will be shipped via ground service only.

All inquiries are welcomed and estimates on custom orders can be provided if detailed drawings are supplied.

Please contact us for any customer support: e-mail contact@primalighting.com, or call us toll free at (866) 885 4915.


Revised August 3, 2016