Novel II



  • Uplight for wall wash
    1.2Wx 7 LEDs | 120 degree beam angle
    Warm white 3000K 272lm
  • Downlight for reading
    3W x 1 LED | 15 degree beam angle
    Nature white 4100K 130lm
  • Non-Dimmable LED driver included, overall power consumption: 14W
  • Suitable for retro-fit application by adding extension cord and plug
  • Replaceable LED Module
  • 4-Way switch for isolated or combined operation of the up and down LED lights
  • Diffused lens cover for even distribution of up-light
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Special Notes: * All fixtures and lighting systems must be used with Prima transformer, driver and/or ballast to comply with cUL/cETL listing; or all warranties are void.

Additional information


• Maximum Delivered Lumens: 272lm (Uplight)
• Maximum Delivered Lumens: 130lm (Downlight)
• Maximum Overall Power Consumption: 14W
• 32.38 lumens/watt (Uplight)
• 43.33 lumens/watt (Downlight)
• Color Temperature: 3000K (Uplight) / 4100K (Downlight)
• CRI: 80+
• Non-Dimmable
• Input Voltage: 120V
• Output: 12V


Catalog No.

(8921) Left Side Hinged Novel II Fixture (Adjustable Up and Downlight)

(8922) Right Side Hinged Novel II Fixture (Adjustable Up and Downlight)

(8923) Centered Novel II Fixture (Fixed Uplight/Left Pivot Adjustable Downlight)

Hardware Finish

(PC) Polished Chrome

(SV) Silver / Aluminum

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