General Technical Information

Important General Technical Information

1. It is important to control Prima’s lighting systems from individual dedicated switches or appropriate dimmers. Do not toggle the power from the breakers in the main electrical panel. This is to ensure a safe environment for system maintenance and longevity.


2. It is suggested to use a dedicated circuit for Prima’s low voltage systems and LED related products, especially under remodel applications. Do not mix circuits with any fluorescent lighting systems with low power factor ballasts. The harmonic distortion may create heat and damage the secondary side of the transformers, drivers, and/or low voltage fixtures.


3. We recommend the use of our transformers or LED drivers with our lighting systems, as they have been tested to work with our products. If systems are ordered without our transformers or LED drivers, all warranties are void and/or complimentary lamps will not be supplied.


4. Avoid installing LED lights in areas of high heat as it may lessen the life of the lamp. Proper ventilation is very important to the LED fixtures. LED fixtures must be wired correctly according to Prima Instructions or you may risk causing irreparable damage to the transformer or LED driver.


5. The interchangeable fixtures in our catalog and website are for decorative, accent, and task illumination purposes. These products are not ideal for general illumination purposes.
Our 12V LEDs pendants have less than overall 7W power consumption. The LED module adapter has very limited space for adding as big surge protector as general lighting. Therefore, it is not recommended to use Prima 12V LED pendants with occupancy sensors or motion sensors. The excessive power surge may damage the LED module and/or the LED transformer overtime. Adding an addition external surge protector, however, will protect the LED better under standard relay circumstances. Please see Prima website or contact us for further information.


6. Low voltage lighting systems produce high heat levels during normal operations. The ideal range of any of low voltage system is under 85%~90% load without dimmer; the power feed should be measured either in between 11.3V ~ 11.7V (under 12V system) or in between 22.6V ~ 23.4V (under 24V system). The temperature at the power feed should be at range of 80 ~ 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Always turn the power off prior to performing any re-lamping, cleaning, or maintenance related work. Prima Lighting is not responsible for any damage or personal harm caused by irresponsible or improper handling of low voltage lighting systems.


7. If the system becomes nonoperational, do not try to tap it with objects to “fix” it. These sorts of actions will likely make the condition of a nonoperational system even worse. The most important thing to do is test the voltage and temperature at least 30 minutes after the installation. Failure to provide documentation of said step may result in void of warranty.


8. In the event of light bulb ‘flickering’, system outages, or bad electrical contact issues, always refer to Prima’s Installation Guide and/or Prima’s Instruction Sheets that were included with the original system’s shipment. These will have detailed troubleshooting procedure steps that you may take to rectify the problem (in most cases). Please consult Prima Customer Service for troubleshooting either before or after installation. Products that have been used improperly and/or not according to our instructions will not be replaced and all warranties will be void.


9. Except for dedicated LED fixtures, Prima Lighting always includes halogen, Xelogen, or LED lamps for each regular fixture we ship. The lamps we include are top quality and well-known name brands. Prima may ship according to customer’s specific lamp type or wattage per order. Lamps are complimentary; thus, we will not offer free replacements, nor will we issue any credit for lamps. However, we always encourage customers to purchase replacement lamps directly from us when replacements are needed. Purchased replacement lamps will have standard lamp warranty.


10. Most of our Halogen or Xelogen lamps are rated at 10,000 hours lamp life. For applications using any of Prima’s low voltage Halogen or Xelogen fixtures for more than 10~12 hours per day, customers must use a proper low voltage dimmer to slightly reduce the input voltage. This will help to extend not only the overall lamp life but also the system’s longevity. If a low voltage lamp fails at any time, it should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage to other lamps in the system by excessive voltage. Prima reserves the right to warrant any products damaged by running long hours without a proper dimming system in place.


11. LEDs are semiconductors with a very long lifespan; however, after approximately 75,000~100,000 hours of use at the ambient temperature, the brightness may lessen due to the silicon part (where the light passes through) eventually darkening. Be advised that the brightness of the light is not only determined by wattage but is also a combination of the lumens and the wattage of which the value shows the emitted light. The lens may turn yellow after time, which could also change the shade of the light. Additionally, the reflector may oxidize and reduce the reflection. With the consideration of regular thermal cycles of turning the power on and off, the practical LED life is at least 50,000 hours.


12. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process of blown glass, no two glass pieces are exactly alike. Each piece of hand blown glass has its own unique characteristics that make it an individual work of art. Prima cannot guarantee the exact same color or texture between multiple pieces of the same type of glass.


13. Our products are ROHS compliant and have passed QC tests prior to shipment. All product information including specifications is current as per the print date. We will try our best to update website information whenever there are changes; however, we reserve the right to change details of specification, dimensions, color, and finishes without prior notice.

Revised: 07-24-2017